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Find the perfect Premier Smart Heat for your home 

We are confident that we can match any other radiator in consumption and heat distribution.

Premier Smart Heat has crafted a stylish, modern heater that has the contemporary look you’ve been searching for! Combined with sophisticated heating technology and streamline design, we have the perfect heaters for your home…

User Paintable Front Panel

Our Premier smartstore EcoHeat range is the first UK electric heaters that can be painted any colour, and customised by you to blend into your room.


All Premier Smart Heat radiators come with a five year guarantee on the heater, with an industry standard two years on electrical components.

Wireless Thermostat

The accuracy of the Premier Smart Heat wireless thermostat is less than half a degree, ensuring you get the desired temperature for the room!

Vertical Radiators Available

All Premier Smartstore models are available in a vertical addition. Perfect for rooms with limited room space.

Technical Info

A contemporary heating system that has the fundamental heating components to keep you warm all year round. Find out more about the technical aspects of our heaters…

Premier Smart Heat products have been expertly designed to ensure modern style meets optimum heat output. Each heater uses patented Silox technology and a wireless thermostat. The accuracy of its heat controller means it can regulate energy consumption better than 2cm clay core heaters. No other heater in the market uses this technology.

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Premier Smart Heat

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