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Paintable Heaters

Paintable Electric Heaters from Premier Radiators

Do you currently heat your home using electric? Are the current heaters you have installed allow you to paint over them with any colour you want? If not, checkout Premier Radiators paintable electric heaters range.


If you’re looking to apply artist creativity to your home heating, or simply want your electric heaters to be painted the same colour as your internal walls, then a Premier Radiator Paintable electric heater is the perfect option for you.

All paintable electric heaters supplied from Premier Radiators use the same high tech heating technology as all Premier Radiators.

The Paintable electric heaters Silox Dual Stone storage component heats fast, within 25 minutes, ensuring your room is heated effectively, and efficiently. Once the room is heated to the set temperature on the thermostat, the Silox Dual Stone retains heat, saving it for later use.

As long as you paint your paintable electric heaters using an radiator paint that can resist temperatures up to 70 degrees C, your heater will remain safe and stylish on the wall.

The paintable electric heaters thermostat allows you to set the temperature you wish the room to be warmed to. This level of control is unavailable with old night storage heaters or gas central heating.

As the heaters only require electric they do not need servicing on an annual basis. Simply plug in and heat the room how and when you want. This will help towards overall savings on your heating year-by-year. What’s more, there will be no breakdowns or burst pipes that are common with gas central heating, therefore you’ll remain warm all winter.

If you’re interested in Premier Radiator paintable heaters, the book a free survey today. Our trained heating advisor will discuss all aspects of the heater, and will also give full information about what paints are needed to ensure your heater remains safe and stylish on the wall. 

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