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Premier Radiators Compared to German Heaters

How Premier Radiators Compares to German Heaters

Have you been shopping around for electric heaters recently? You’ve no doubt come across various types of heaters. A popular electric heater that a lot of homeowners are installing is the German heater. These are sold as modern storage heaters. This blog will compare the electric panel heaters sold by Premier Radiators against these German heaters and see how each type works.


Premier Radiators are a modern electric heater type that remain slimline against the wall. They use a new storage element made from Silox Dual Stone. German heaters, on the other hand use an internal core that is made from clay. Most German heaters will have a 20mm clay core, with the exception of one company that has a patent for 40mm.

Both heaters use a temperature controlled thermostat. This allows the heater to regulate the current room temperature, changing the heat output from the heater when necessary. Unlike German heaters, Premier Radiators only require a short period of time to store enough heat to distribute into the room (approx. 20 mins), whereas German heaters that can require in excess of 30 minutes

The Premier range come with an integrated LED touchscreen thermostat that is accurate within half a degree. Whilst a lot of German heaters do have accurate thermostats, they do not have the simplistic control settings like Premier.



The Premier heater range has a user paintable front panel (only white cashmere). This is unavailable with German heaters which require the paint to be applied during manufacture. Therefore Premier Radiators give you complete control over the aesthetic appearance of your heater around the room.

Both heaters are easy to install and can run on a flat rate or economy tariff. As an advantage, Premier Radiators are slim fit in comparison to German heaters, therefore allowing you to install in more places around the room.

If you’re looking for a new heater, choose Premier Radiators. Our heaters are fully controllable and perfect for modern or traditional homes.




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