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Premier smartstore radiators are the ideal solution for modern homes. As our heaters are temperature controlled, they only switch on when the room temperature lowers below what is set. Find out more here

Smartstore radiators perfect for insulated homes.

If your home is well insulated, smartstore radiators are the perfect solution. Due to the way they work, you will have complete control of your heating, without a high heat loss factor, unlike gas central heating.

The Premier smartstore radiators use a temperature controlled thermostat. The precision positioned sensor is located at the bottom of the radiator for optimum temperature measurement. When the sensor notices a drop in the temperature in comparison to what is set on the thermostat, the radiator will automatically produce heat. The production/storage period will last around 25 minutes. Once the storage process is complete, the smartstore radiator will distribute accurately into the room, no longer consuming from the electrics.

Once the room temperature matches what is set on the thermostat, the radiator will stop distributing, and retain the surplus heat for trickle charging when the room temperature slightly alters in temperature.

Premier smartstore radiators use a Silox storage element. It has the ability to retain heat faster than any 2cm clay core heater, therefore helping towards improving your home efficiency, ultimately lowering your annual expenditure on energy.

We have a wide range of radiators suited for modern or traditional homes. They are ideal for inner city living, especially in flats and apartments, where gas cannot be connected.

Furthermore, our smartstore radiators are maintenance free, requiring no boiler service, unlike gas central heating. It’s risk free heating that works at 100% efficiency level.

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