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Energy Consumption

✓  Only consumes 1.16kw an hour*
✓  Maintains a 21c comfort temperature
✓  Reduces heat / energy wastage
✓  Proven to be efficient to run

*Premier Smartstore radiators only use 1.16kW an hour to heat a room to 21c for 24hrs when the outside temperature is only 5c

Proven by BRE (British Research Establishment)

The Test & Conclusion

The BRE test was conducted in Watford in a 2 room bungalow with 4 external walls and a solid wall construction to get a realistic view of the temperature control and the consumption. This test was conducted head to head against 3 different types of heating:

Dimplex night storage heaters

Creda night storage heaters

Gas central heating with TRV

The test found that Premier smartstore radiators used less energy to run than Dimplex, Creda and Gas central heating when maintaining a room temperature at 21c throughout a 24hour period. The test also identified that Dimplex and Creda night storage heaters were unable to maintain a comfort setting of 21 degrees throughout the day which resulted in the room having significant temperate fluctuations throughout the test period. This is inefficient and demonstrated how much heat / energy a night storage heater wastes.

Further to the night storage heater findings, the test also identified that gas central heating installed with TRV uses a significant amount of energy (1.9kW/h) to heat a room. On top of this, the gas system struggled to maintain 21c throughout the day, with the temperature shifting between 20c – 23c throughout the test period.