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Compare Night Storage Heaters

✓  Easy to Install
✓  Temperature Controlled
✓  Stylish Slimline Design
✓  Compatible with on E7 or Flat Rate

How does Premier smartstore compare to
old outdated economy 7 night storage heaters?

Premier smartstore radiators are an ideal replacement for old outdated night storage heaters. As our radiator range has full control, you can increase the comfort of your home, whilst remaining efficient.

Our radiators have been designed with efficiency and aesthetic in mind. Premier is slimline and non-obstructive, unlike night storage heaters,

As night storage heaters use an inflexible heat storage compartment, they restrict the homeowner to a set amount of heat for the whole day. Old night storage heaters work by producing heat on an economy 7 tariff and then distributing during the day. Whilst they have been perceived as being cheaper to run, they have proven to be inefficient, leaving the home cold and uncomfortable.

Premier smartstore radiators allow you to set a temperature on the thermostat. The room temperature is then regulated. Premier smartstore radiators only consume electricity when heat is actually needed, whereas night storage heaters will always require a full storage period. Premier smartstore radiators even have exclusive Silox technology that increases efficiency and reduces the amount of time the heater spends consuming from the electricity.

As Premier smartstore radiators are flexible, they do not require economy 7 tariffs unlike night storage heaters; therefore can be plugged directly into a 13 amp domestic plug socket and work on a standard flat rate energy tariff.

Premier smartstore radiators are able to give you heat when you need it, whereas a night storage heater can only supply a bulk of heat after a storage period. There is no temperature control with night storage heaters, except for a very basic increase/decrease dials that allow you to alter the heat output.

If you’ve currently got night storage heaters installed and are looking to improve the efficiency of your home, choose Premier Smart Heat.

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