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Premier smartstore Portable Radiator Range

✓  Easy to Move
✓  5 Year Guarantee*
✓  Great For Conservatories
✓  Stylish Modern Design

Portable smartstore electric heaters
perfect for modern homes

Premier smartstore is available in an easy-to-move portable range. These heaters use the same fundamental components and features as all Premier Smart Heat with the added bonus of being able to move it around the house.

Made from Natural Stone

Simply plug into a 13amp domestic plug socket and away you go. There is no installation required, just a space in any room around your home to store it.

As they are small and portable they’re the perfect solution for conservatories. Use in the winter when the conservatory is extra cold, then move into the house if you want more heat in any room.

They work by storing heat for around 20-25 minutes and then distributing directly into the room until the thermostat temperature is reached, these heaters are perfect for rooms with high heat loss.

Guaranteed for 5 years with an industry standard 2 years on electrical components. Premier smartstore Portable range is the ideal heating solution for your home.

Perfect for conservatories or rooms that require a boost of heat

Premier Smart Heat offers a range of portable electric heaters that are perfect for conservatories or rooms that require more heat. The use the same Silox technology as all Premier smartstore radiators, meaning you get the added advantage of prolonged heat retention.


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*This smartstore radiator comes with a 5 year guarantee, with an industry standard 2 years on electrical components